Home Theater

Home Theatre is indeed one of the most creative innovations of the last decade which has completely changed our outlook towards home entertainment.Dolphine has been a pioneer in bringing the experience of movie theatre in the comfort of our homes with its Home theatre systems by legendary brands like Sony and Toshiba. These brands are known for pairing high definition picture with captivating surround sound system in their home theatres.

Advantages of the Home Theatre
Watching Movies

Movie nights are an obvious benefit to owning a home theater system, but they can involve a lot more than simply watching a DVD. After a long week of work and school, the entire family can unwind together by selecting their favorite film, relaxing in their comfortable home theater seats, and allowing themselves to be immersed in the adventure unfolding on screen.

Watching the Game

Sports enthusiasts could find much to enjoy about owning a home theater system. Instead of piling up on the family sofa every Sunday to watch the football game on a regular old TV set, they could be lying back in front of a large high - definition television (HDTV) and surround sound system that makes them feel like they are practically inside the stadium. Viewers can also be courtside, or ringside, or up close and personal with any of their favorite sporting events.

Playing the Game

Video games have become a major form of family entertainment. Many people like to play games like Angry Birds or Temple Run on their smartphones, but by adding any of the latest gaming consoles to a home theater system, the whole family can gather around the big screen and enjoy the game together. There are plenty of video games designed to get everyone of all ages involved, such as Nintendo’s Mario Party, Hasbro’s Family Game Night, or Rock Band.

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